Firm bridges gap between schools, special-needs students

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Lisa Perez has been a great advocate for my daughter. Before Lisa got involved, the elementary school offered very little help and suggested a tutor. < Read More >

Ohio Parent Advocacy & Consulting provides advocacy services and educational consulting to families of children with learning disabilities. Our goal is to inform parents regarding the special education process and to help them become more knowledgeable about accommodations and services that may be appropriate for their child’s education. Effective advocacy is the first step to ensure that your child’s rights are being followed under federal law (IDEA). We work with families to understand your needs and concerns. We are qualified to make educational recommendations and represent a parent’s perspective in meetings with school personnel. With our experience and your determination, Ohio Parent Advocacy works towards helping your child realize their educational potential. We understand the difficulties and demands of parenting a child with a learning disability. We want to assist you to become your child’s best advocate.

We are located in central Ohio and service the entire state of Ohio. We are willing to travel for consultations and meetings.